About The Trip

What Is The Autumn Colors Express?

The Autumn Colors Express takes you on a day-long journey through the New River Gorge, at the peak of the fall foliage season. The round trip from Huntington, WV to Hinton, WV lets you experience this beautiful area of West Virginia in a way few do. This special passenger train pulled by Amtrak is comprised entirely of privately-owned vintage rail cars from all over the nation, assembled exclusively for this event.

What’s the Itinerary?

The same schedule applies for Friday October 25th, Saturday October 26th, and Sunday October 27th.

Boarding begins promptly at 7:00 AM. We will depart Huntington, WV at 8:00 AM, in the shadow of the historic Chesapeake & Ohio railway station in downtown Huntington. Built in the 1931, this depot’s last C&O train departed on April 30th, 1971. We’re very excited to bring rail passengers back to this historic depot!

After departure we will pass through the following notable locations and towns on the way to Hinton, WV.

MP 454.2
Charleston, WV:
This is the state capitol of West Virginia. You may also board/detrain from the station in Charleston. You should be at the station at 8:30 AM and the train will board at 9:00 AM upon Trivial
During the return trip in the afternoon we will arrive back to Charleston, WV at 6:00 PM

MP 418.4
Kanawha Falls:
Traveling towards Hinton in the morning, the falls will be on the left hand side of the train.

MP 409.5
Hawk’s Nest Dam

Built in 1933, this dam is still in use providing power to this very day.

MP 390.8
Thurmond, WV

Once a bustling town, now abandoned as time moved forward and economic conditions changed. The Depot was built in 1904 and now serves as a park visitor center as well as an Amtrak flagstop.

MP 357.0
Hinton, WV

Founded in 1873 Hinton marks the start of CSX’s Allegheny Subdivision. We are scheduled to arrive into Hinton at 11:30AM and depart at 3:00 PM.

The scheduled return time to Huntington, WV is 7:00 PM

Where Do I Board?


We’ll board at the former C&O depot in downtown Huntington, on the 900 Block of 7th Avenue. Parking is available throughout Huntington. You can use this handy pin on Google Maps to find it, or search “Autumn Colors Express” in the app!


We’re proud to announce a NEW station for 2019- Charleston! This year, passengers can choose to board / detrain at either Huntington or Charleston

The option can be chosen when you purchase your tickets online or by phone. There is ample parking around the station, both on-street or in parking garages.