About Autumn Colors Express

In March of 2019, we heard the news. We know you did, too. Like you, we were heartbroken that October would come and go without the great, fifty-two year tradition of a fall rail excursion along the New River Gorge to Hinton.

That’s when we sprung into action.

Organizing an excursion of this size is a monumental undertaking, especially when that excursion is something as hallowed and steeped in history as the storied route between Huntington and Hinton. That’s why we’re so proud to be able to share this great excursion with you- to ensure that this, and future generations can experience the beauty of the New River Gorge by train, in its perfect season.

Join us, as we help to write the next chapter in a story that we just couldn’t bear to see come to an end – Welcome to the Autumn Colors Express!

Historic Hinton Depot in beautiful Hinton, WVa.

About Rail Excursion Management Co.

A leader in the rail excursion industry, Railexco is here to bring the fun, excitement and unique experiences of passenger rail to a 21st century audience through innovative trips such as Autumn Colors Express and others. With a combined 25+ years of experience on our staff, plus contacts throughout the rail industry, we’re ready to book your next adventure– from a private car behind Amtrak to a full excursion program. Check out our website for more information!