2021 – Hickory Creek (800733)

Tail car of the 20th Century Limited Source: URHS
The Hickory Creek in Englewood, Ill. in 1962 (Photo: Bob Krone)

The New York Central’s 20th Century Limited was billed for years, as “The Most Famous Train in the World.” The railroad’s fabled train sped along the 958-mile “Water Level Route” between New York, averaging 60 MPH, for sixty-five years – making the trip in just sixteen hours. The train was exclusive and sophisticated; boarding passengers walked along a crimson red carpet. In 1948, General Dwight D. Eisenhower ceremoniously inaugurated a new set of cars for the New York Central’s most famous train. Among them was the Hickory Creek, an observation sleeper lounge. The car was acquired by URHS in 1991, and has been meticulously restored to its historic appearance.

Hickory Creek Floor Plan Source: URHS
A 1948 advertisement for the brand-new 20th Century Limited

Now is your chance to ride this beautiful car. We’ll have only 24 seats available per day, offering you unparalleled service in our Chairman’s Class. Enjoy chef-prepared food, beverage service, all while enjoying the scenery of West Virginia’s New River Gorge from the elevated Lookout Lounge at the back of the car. Book your seats now for a historical, unforgettable ride aboard the Hickory Creek!