Super Dome #53 (800862)

Truly a one-of-a-kind car, this former Milwaukee full-length dome is part of our Chairman’s Class, paired with the Cedar Rapids on the 2019 Autumn Colors Express. Featuring a full-length dome with a large bar, it also sports a kitchen- which will produce the freshly prepared meals emblematic of this class of service.

The luxurious seating of Super Dome
Superdome, after dark – Photo: Nick Benson/

Cedar Rapids (800040)

Photo: Friends of the 261

Designed by famed industrial designer Brooks Stevens and built by the Milwaukee Road in 1948 in its own Milwaukee Shops for service on the Twin Cities Hiawathas, the Cedar Rapids is one of only four Skytop observation parlor lounges ever built and the only one that still rides the rails today.

With 24 large comfortable, reclining, rotating parlor chairs, which make for the smoothest ride you will ever have. Additional seating for 12 more in the Skytop Solarium, offers a full view of the tracks rolling out from behind, as well as the sky above. This car also retains all its original woodwork, upholstery and wool carpeting throughout.

Photo: Friends of the 261

Frank Thomson (800110)

Built in 1949 for the Pennsylvania Railroad for use on the famous Broadway Limited train between New York and Chicago, this beautiful observation car is one of our three Chairman’s Class cars, bringing up the markers on the 2019 Autumn Colors Express.

The Frank Thomson’s stunning interior
The “Frank Thomson,” one of two 2019 Chairman’s Class cars on the Autumn Colors Express