$299 – Lounge Class

Lounge Class – Kick Back, and Relax!

We have quite a few lounge cars included on these trips. Lounge seats differ from car to car, and could include seating a a table with up to three other guests, as well as single lounge seats. All of our lounges feature plush seating, plenty of room to stretch out, as well as upgraded amenities. Lounge class includes the following.

  • Bottled water, soda, coffee, and orange juice- all included!
  • Breakfast consisting of a sandwich from Honey Baked Ham along with a fruit cup- served at your seat!
  • For the afternoon return a sandwich from Panera Bread will be served.
The Lounge Class section of one of our 2019 Dome Cars. Photo: Nick Benson/ottergoose.net