Frequently Asked Questions

The beautiful Autumn Colors Express train, in Huntington, WV – photo by Nick Benson

Safety and Prohibited Items

Can I Bring Emotional Support Animals On the Train?
It’s simply impossible for us to safely transport you and your ESA’s on the Autumn Colors Express. We strive to ensure all of our guests have a great time on our trips, but unfortunately due to the age and construction of our vintage railcars, they predate the standards put forth in the Americans with Disabilities Act. Furthermore, the ADA makes no provisions for emotional support animals, which is what we use as guidance for best practices when attempting to accommodate guests aboard these unique (and oftentimes, very old!) railcars.
Can I bring my pet on the train?

Events taking place on railcars cannot accommodate pets. Service animals are welcome and allowed but the Railway Excursion Management Company must be contacted before the event and informed of the pet size. If you ARE bringing a service animal onto the train, you must contact us at least two weeks in advance of the ticketed trip date. Due to insurance requirements, absolutely NO “walk-up” service animals will be accepted.

Contact us at info@railexco.com


Can I open the window or vestibule of a train car?

Train windows and vestibules need to stay closed unless otherwise indicated. When it is safe and prudent to open a window or vestibule (if allowed), a crew member will let everyone know.

Can you accommodate wheelchairs?
Events on Trains:
We cannot accommodate motorized wheel chairs for events that take place on railcars. However we can accommodate wheelchairs that can fold. However, someone must be available to load and unload the chair. We will be happy to help however cannot load a person onto the train. Riders must be able to board under their own power.
I have mobility issues. Can I still ride the train?

We welcome all passengers. However, safety is paramount during all events.

For rail events, please note that most heritage passenger cars were built before the American with Disabilities Act. They are exempt from ADA Compatibility requirements due to their age. We will try to make accommodations as possible provided that the accommodations do not place visitors, participants, volunteers, workers, contractors, or employees at risk of harm or injury. If you have questions about accessibility, please contact us at info@railexco.com

Prohibited Items
-Personal alcohol is not permitted in event spaces or on trains. Alcohol will only be allowed if provided for the event either as part of a ticket or for sale.
-Smoking in non-smoking areas and or on a train is not permitted at any time.
-No illicit drugs are permitted at any events sponsored or run by the Railway Excursion Management Company.
-Concealed or Open Carry Firearms are not permitted on railroad grounds or at railexco events.
Safely boarding and disembarking on rail events?
Boarding and Disembarking may take place in the dark. Boarding crew will be able to assist however due to the nature of rail equipment you may need to perform the following
– Walk on areas that are grassy, uneven, or gravel covered
– Take an inital step onto the train of up to 18 to 24 inches. Depending on ground conditions. Boarding will only take place at vestibules that are safe to open with a step box provided.
– Walking through narrow aisles or hallways of a railcar
– Walking to or through several railcars (each railcar is up to 85 feet in length)


If you do not feel you can handle some of these requirements please contact us directly at infor@railexco.com

Ticket Policies

Are their different prices for children compared to adults?

Tickets are purchased on a per seat basis. Children 3 and up are required to have their own seat. However children under 3 are welcome to ride on a parents lap. Keep in mind that longer trips would make for a possibly uncomfortable ride.

Can I get a refund on tickets?

Refunds for Railexco events follow an industry-standard prorated schedule. Refunds issued more than 2 months prior to the commencement of the event receive 75% of the value, refunds requested within 2 months of the event receive 50% of the value. Refunds within 1 month and No-shows lose all value.

If the event is postponed due to force-majeure or act of God, your ticket will remain intact for the rescheduled event, no further action is required on your part and an updated reservation will be generated and emailed to you.

For further information, please contact us at info@railexco.com or 1-844-RAILEX9 (1-844-724-5399) ext 1

Can I split tickets between days?

Tickets are sold for the day of a trip or event and cannot be used for another day. If the option exists to split a ticket, it will be indicated.

How do car selections and seating work?

Tickets purchased are good for the car and seat type indicated. Some cars contain many types of seats for example a dome car contains both lounge, rooms, and dome seats. Please note that you should make note of the type of seats you want.

New for 2020 we are going to offer reserved seating for specific seats in a car. This does not apply to every car however for reserved seating cars the seat you pick is the seat you will be in.

If you have questions about seat types please refer to seat types section of our website or email us at info@railexco.com

How do I get my tickets and where can I find them?

Your receipt and conformation will be emailed to you upon completing the purchase of your tickets. If you purchased your tickets in person, then you should have gotten a copy of your tickets and a receipt during that transaction. Please note that if you need assistance or have lost your tickets we can help head over to our Find Your Tickets page for help locating or resending your tickets.

How would I sit with friends or another couple?

Make sure when you and your friends purchase tickets that your tickets are for the same car and class of seating. If you have questions please feel free to contact us at info@railexco.com

If I buy a lounge class seat in a dome car can I go up in the dome?

Tickets purchased for lounge class seats are good for seats within the lounge. Dome class seats are sold to dome customers, they have chosen to ride in the dome with their ticket purchase. We will not allow lounge class customers into the upper level of the domes.

Ticket Handling Fees

All tickets will incur a %4.5 to %5 ticketing fee that is charged per ticket. If tickets are purchased over the phone an additional $4 fee will be charged per ticket plus the ticketing fee. Tickets are available online via acewva.com

What is a Private Suite?

Private suites are rooms on the train that connected that allow for a larger room. When purchasing a private suite you must purchase all the tickets for that suite. Some of our suites will seat 3 people while others will seat 4 people. The suite will be your private space for the entire day. They will usually contain a bathroom however cars differ on the accommodations.

Will I be able to pick up tickets from a will call stand?

Tickets will be available for will call and can be picked up from the will call area however will call tickets must be purchased at least two weeks in advance of the event.

Will call ticket holders must bring a photo idea with the name of the purchaser or ticket holder. The credit card used to purchase the ticket is also an allowable form of ID.

Other Information

Are restrooms available on the train?

Restrooms are available on almost every car of the train. If a car does not contain restrooms the next car will.

Can I bring a cooler, snacks, and food on the train?

We encourage you to pack your own snacks and bring them in a small cooler. There is space under, over, or behind the seats for a small cooler. Please remember- no alcohol.

Can I smoke on the train?

Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the train, between the cars, or in the vestibules. We have a strict no smoking policy if you are caught smoking we will ask you only once to put it out. On the second warning we will let you off at the nearest town. Your fare will not be refunded.

COVID-19 Special Information

Rail Excursion Management Company plans to operate the Autumn Colors Express in 2022. However, please note we are subject to federal, state, and local regulations.

Currently Amtrak, Federal Railroad Administration, and Transportation Security Administration policies require ALL rail passengers to wear a mask, no exceptions. While these orders are set to expire BEFORE the event, they COULD be extended.

If Autumn Colors Express passengers are required to wear a mask at the time of the event, no refund will be issued to passengers declining to travel due to a mask mandate.

I am part of a large group how can I assure we are seated together?

If you are part of a large group please arrive and line up early at the designated meeting point for group. You will find that boarding as a group and being early you will have a better chance to find seats that are all together.

Moving about a train; what can I expect?

On a moving train, you should be prepared for sudden movements at any time. With that in mind, railcars are built sturdily. The walls, furniture, and handrails are solid. Please use them while walking through cars – we want everyone to be safe during all events. With that said be mindful that slack action or slipping can cause moderate to severe jerking. If this happens do not hesitate to sit down until the motion subsides…be it the nearest chair, booth, or even floor.

What type of footwear should I wear?

We recommend you wear closed-toed shoes. Flip flops, sandals and open toed shoes are not appropriate in a railroad environment, no matter how much they may complete your outfit.

Where can I board the train?

Boarding will take place from one of two locations.

Location 1 is downtown Huntington, WV located at Map Link Click Here

Location 2 is from Charleston, WV at the Charleston WV Amtrak Station located at 350 MacCorkle Avenue – Southeast Charleston, WV 25314

Will I have to sit with other people?

If you purchase seats in car that has tables you may be sitting with another group or couple. Each ticket is good for one seat unless otherwise indicated.


  • For rail events, motive power and rolling stock may be substituted for any reason. All efforts will be made to prevent this from happening.

  • Railway Excursion Management Company & other event partners assume no responsibility for delays, injuries, equipment failure, loss or damage.

  • If an event has a scheduled departure time, please arrive at a minimum of one hour early. Please plan ahead and locate parking and transportation to event area ahead of time.

  • By riding or participating in a Railway Excursion Management Company event, you grant the right for photographic, video, audio to be used in marketing, training, and advertising by the Railway Excursion Management Company and its partners.

  • We, the Railway Excursion Management Company reserve the right to update these policies and frequently asked questions at any time.